Saturday, November 29, 2008

The NEED to blurb was killing me

i feel overloaded on
so I'm gonna do a Doodie inspired random blurb thing:

1. Astute
2. Cold Coffee- kickass stuff!
3. People who like/look forward to/function normally during exam time should be publically assaulted. Yes! I am THAT spiteful!
4. People wouldn't find people AWESOME, if there were no A**holes in this world.
5. I dont remember heath ledger's real face. But his joker face haunts me all the time.
6. I can't stop writing.
7. I REALLY need to finish this chapter.
8. I could do with a haircut but i just love that my hair are SO long now.
9. I have DoSM OCD. Dont ask :|
10. MUN Jokes: (MUN stands for Model United Nations)

Most Important Issue: HuMUN rights

An Indian MUN would be called a MUNdal

Our lives are huMUNgous messes

Please COME to C-MUN.

MUNch should be the Snack Partners of our BITS-MUN.

( Visit for details of BITS-MUN)
Hoo Boy i am publicising i am on my blog! I am a true Publicity person :D

MUN Delagates like the "accio" harry potter charm because its a sum-MUN-ing charm

I could go on and on but i MUNst stop..( BAD one i know..the others were GREAT!! I AM AWESOME AT THIS! * waits for applause*)

11. Business Cards are cool!
12. Time to go!
13. and again.. Salaam Mumbai!


Gunner Galactico said...

"9. I have DoSM OCD. Dont ask :|"


Whats DOSM OCD??

Abhijeet said...

lolo ho gayaaaaaa :D
Plenty of MUN jokes i missed up there

You just HAD to, didn' you?

Gunner Galactico said...

pretty much :)

Thriddas Anorak said...


the MUN jokes are inhuMUN.
maybe you should start a MUNthly magazine of these...
ok, not really creative right now... bye

Nayantara said...

What's a MUN amateur called? MUNna ^_^

What do the delegates say at the end of a session?


Okay, okay, The NEED to blurb comment was killing me :|

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Is 9. by any chance supposed to be DSoTM??

3. -> second that
4. -> " "
6. -> i wish
8. -> i got over that, finally! :D

10. -> shameless publicity