Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little by Little

Maybe it’s because I have been watching scrubs season 5 and 6 where everyone seems to be getting pregnant, maybe it’s because the topic randomly came up in a discussion with my chick friend yesterday or maybe it’s because I heard the bestest news that my super swell buddy's real sis is pregnant.. But the topic of babies has been hovering in my head since yesterday...

As u can see this has the makings of an extremely girly post but I really hope the guys read it too because most guys adore babies even though they mostly won’t admit it. Although some do keep referring to babies they see around as the cutest things ever :P

When u think babies.. You think of the typical stuff- cute, cuddly, baby smell, toys, baby cries and cackles, their first walk/word/sentence... etc etc...

It’s true… Babies are AMAZING! But for most people who have them it’s one of the most life changing things that EVER happens to them. Babies change everything. They are small but they bring with them great responsibility. You have to leave behind the life you had so that it can revolve around the single most precious thing that you possess. Most successful women deprive themselves from the joys of raising a child for this very reason. It takes a lot of time, energy and stress (both physical and mental) to ensure that the tiny little thing says healthy and safe.

Women go through post-partum depression because the responsibility is just too huge for them to handle especially if they do not have a good support-system from their families. The baby becomes a burden to her life and they start hating themselves for thinking this way.

But I quote my Mom here-“People who keep postponing having a baby or who don’t want to have a baby because their life is just too great the way it is, are the BIGGEST idiots that exist on the face of the earth. It is one of the most challenging phases of a person’s life, but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING gives you more happiness and satisfaction than devoting a major section in bringing up your child.”
At one point or another EVERY girl gets the picture in her head where she is the mother of a child with a man who loves her and cares about her. Or even being a mother to a child who could not be brought up by his biological parents.

Also, there’s always the pressure of being a good parent especially if you think you lack a maternal or paternal instinct. There’s the pressure of ensuring your child loves and respects you and values what you to say to him/her. Hoping that you will learn from the mistakes your parents made with you and you will tackle situations better than they did. All in all, the idea of having a child is mind numbingly scary, but eventually, the entire thing is totally worth it. Especially because you share this joy with the person you love and share your life with.

I don’t know how far I got with this post. I have a feeling I basically kept beating around the bush. Honestly, there are so many things related to this topic that can be talked about here but I’ll just leave you with this much.

As a teenager, it is too early to think so much about this topic but the truth is- you WILL have to think about it SOME day so choosing a random day like today to give it a little thought is not that bad an idea.

"Little by little
We gave you everything
You ever dreamed of
Little by little
The wheels of your life
Have slowly fallen off
Little by little
You had to give it all in all your life
And all the time I just ask myself why
You're really here"
-Courtesy Noel Gallagher (OASIS)


JD said...

Don't expect just an "awwww" as a comment.

I have no idea how else to put this, without having to sound sexist - it's one of the best feminine post I've read in a while. It's wonderful for it to come up on your blog, brings out a soft side of you.

Bring it out more often, y'know :)

The Witch King of Rohtak said...

well, i can't write something for this post and not sound gay, so....


Nikita said...

* sniffles *

Nikita said...

@Guys: commenting on this post does NOT make u GAY! :|

Gunner Galactico said...

*psst* yeah,it does

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

omg omg omg! i saw the title while scrolling down, and was just thinking how funny it is that i'm listening to a song of the exact same name. i scroll down further and what do i see? :P

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

ok, now i read it.

yeah, exactly the reasons why i'm not crazy about babies. that and the fact that i tend to hurt the very people who matter the most to me. totally not worth it.