Friday, November 28, 2008


Here I am busting my ass off studying for a TWO credit useless course most of which is stuff we did in school/JEE prep so i KNOW that EVERYONE here has a breathed, eaten and slept all of it for two years. I haven't done that. So.. basically i am f***ed (i dont want my blog to get banned)

Ever since it was mentioned in a common room discussion while watching the news on Mumbai..I can't stop thinking about how closely the situation resembled that in the movie "The Dark Knight"..Open firing, grenades, fires, bazookas, hostages, hijacking, blasts..

The joker's voice is SCREAMING through my head-"Introduce a little anarchy!!" In my head i am replaying the dialogue between batman and joker when the joker is hanging from the edge of the window...i CANT stop thinking!!

I can't stop thinking of how SO EASILY one of the MAIN symbols of Mumbai was up in flames.. I wonder if people are always gonna stay afraid of walking freely on the streets of India..

I salute the KNIGHTS of Mumbai.. The citizens, the army, the air force, the NSG commandos and the Police...WHO said superheroes don't exist..



RaSh said...

Finally, it all ended :|

It's really scary. Anyone, anywhere can be killed anytime. Too much chaos :(

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

I can name 2 other people from India - one is my friend and quizzing partner, and the other is Vir Sanghvi.

In fact, I'm planning a full-blown post on the same soon.