Saturday, December 6, 2008


I like being emotionally dependent on others. I can’t figure out if this makes me weaker or stronger. But a lot of people have told me that this would hurt me eventually because nothing lasts forever.

I love being taken care of by others.

I love it when people make me feel or tell me that I am important to them. And sometimes I feel I don’t this to them myself.

I am beginning to realize that I am really bad at designating work to people. Especially the work I care about. I have the constant feeling they'll screw it up or not do it the way I think is right.
This actually makes me a big hypocrite because I like having the freedom to judge how
I want to go about things when I am given a task.

I lose my cool a lot under stress and it does come back and bite me in the face or it just leaves me feeling guilty later.

My patience is a function of my level of attachment to the situation

I hate the way our college authorities function. I hate how they can't even act like they care. And here I thought they were our guardians while we were away from our parents.
There will be another post about that later. First I need to figure out if bashing the authorities on my blog can get me into any sort of trouble.

I saw an image on “Love” saying- "50 years...his name is still hers...” on someone's blog today and it just reminded me of my parents so much. I can go on and on about how much I LOVE what they have for each other. But that is again reserved for another post. I remember having this discussion with mum about wives taking their husband's surnames and how it’s gradually reducing nowadays. She found the whole thing very sad and she said – “even though it comes across as something trivial to people, taking on your husband's name gives you feeling of being connected forever, of belonging... Something like... I don’t know how to put it correctly but when I said "I am Mrs.Prakash" for the first time, I felt like I belonged with your dad..."
Every time I think love is a fucked up concept, I just think of my parents and it changes :)


Gunner Galactico said...

ok :|

RaSh said...

It isn't just you :P

We all love being tacken care of.
And most of are bad at designating work and not thinking about it after that :D

And we all hate how college authorities function. That's valid for any college student :D

shalinilahiri said...

Everyone loves being taken care of, you're not only one. It doesn't make you weak. :)

I went awwwww... when I saw the post about your parents. I've enjoyed your recent "mushy" posts. *runs as chachi flings a notebook/pen/rubber at me*

divesh said...

well expressed..

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Being dependent in any way and emotionally in particular always makes people weaker. But at times it's good :)

I guess it's all common to each and every one of us, since it's true with me. Yes, each and every point you've made there, except maybe, well, no exceptions. Every bit till before "Random:", 'coz I've never had that conversation with my mom. :P

xenon said...

Hmm..You are human! So give yourself some break and take what ever you actually feel rather than being pretentious! :)

Rover said...

Oye bhains!!! Post a bit or i'll conveniently forget to make the brochure...

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...

do you ever blog! :|