Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Movie That Made My Day

This post is going to be a long one. I have too much to say today :-)
I had been sitting at home for a week. When I mean “at home”, I mean I literally hadn’t stepped out of the main door of my house except when I visited the doctor’s clinic. Even walking around the house had become a tiring activity and food was being consumed because it was essential for the medicines. ( Eating Less is a huge deal for me… Those who know me, know HOW MUCH I eat :P’’ )
Now that I was recovering and feeling better, my mum coming up to me in the morning and promising me to take me to a movie in the evening seemed really amazing.
So I booked a ticket for watching “Jaane tu..Ya Jaane Na” for myself and two tickets for my parents who decided to watch “Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic” (God save them)
The idea of watching a movie about a group of great friends alone seemed a bit weird but I just did not want to delay watching the movie which starred the cute Imran Khan whom I’d been drooling at for days. (Yes he’s cute.. He’s cute and I’m NOT arguing about it with ANYONE!! I screamed at his first shot in the movie and everyone around me stared at me :-l )

To simply put it- The movie is Awesome :-)

Its got the whole package – its HILLARIOUS, Fresh, Emotional, Cute, Well Made, Realistic yet “Filmy” and most of all the movie is about great Chemistry. Be it the chemistry between the Mother and the Son, between two best friends(especially when they look at each other while dancing with different people) or between two Goons who like picking up chicks in bars and getting into Brawls.
You know the story of the movie as soon as it starts, it’s a typical romantic comedy kind of story, but you can’t help but enjoy it, laugh and cry with it. I believe that if a Hindi movie can make you laugh, then is a Brilliant movie. This was one of them, I was sitting in a Jam-Packed theatre where I could hear laughter, snorts and giggles around me at frequent intervals.
The movie is not “Intelligent” “Cinema”. Its simple and spontaneous.
Its shows friendship exactly the way it is- Stupid nicknames, Protectiveness, Jealousy, endless amounts of Time Pass, stupid and serious fights etc…
The first song of the movie- “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi” is beautifully enacted. When I say “enacted”, I mean it. The words of the song have been shown through cute gestures, just the kind of stuff a girl would dream her friend would do for her to put a smile on her face.

There are tiny little things in the movie like
-a guy doing shots of Coca-Cola at a bar
- the friends doing a chicken-dance on their college farewell party
-the guy doing Ash's Crazy Kiya Re step in the dance and the girl flicking fake money on him
-a Gujju guy wearing bling-bling neck-chains
-physical fights between a brother and sister
-waiting for your friend to call at night
-the girl crying when she suddenly realizes college is over for good
-rich kids not studying/working and pursuing their passions like painting and film-making
- the Extremely Girly girlfriend who does her “Hot” version of the “Pappu” dance
-typical pain- in-the-ass policemen who understand the language of either bribes or MLAs
- a drunk boyfriend hitting his girlfriend and deserting her in a parking lot

etc… that make you say- “This feels so real…”

and then there are things like
-a dead man talking from his portrait to his wife
-men moving around on horses
-The acts to become a true Rajput from Ranjhore
-Two good looking Best Friends feeling NO ATTRACTION at ALL for each other at ALL throughout their college years

etc… that make you say- “Yeah ok… IT’S A movie…”

Situations like over-protectiveness for your friend are shown excellently when the girl gets into fights with the people who say ANYTHING against her best friend.
Situations like Jealousy too where the girl finds it extremely pissing off that her best friend is constantly with his girl friend and has no time for her. Or… How the guy looses it when he sees his best friend being kissed by another guy.
All this aside.. The movie WINS big time because:
1.its stupidly funny ALL THE TIME, even when there is serious stuff being dealt with ( you can make a straight face at the Jokes if you are stuck up about disliking bollywood movies or you can just laugh and have fun).. I mean..serious instances such as getting arrested and being locked up in Jail,and a policeman speaking on a walkie-talkie also seem fun.

2. because of its excellent Casting and Characterization.
Be it veteran actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Paresh Rawal or new comers like Genelia (seems to be a sweet soft girl in real life but is very believable as a tough, violent and egoistic girl)
or Imran Khan(who is excellent as the funny and nice Jai and makes your heart melt when he cries on his mum’s shoulder)– the Cast is the invisible strength of the movie.

The Music of the movie isn't THAT amazing but its Rehman so it is pretty damn good..

The Title track- "Tu Bole main Bolu..Jaane tu ya Jaane naa" sounds a bit like You Say I Say(the potato..potaahto song)

"Pappu cant dance" is great fun to watch in the movie and will be LOVED by people who like to dance :D

and "Kahin to" is a typical bittersweet romantic ballad which sounds FUCKING brilliant.

More than the music, its the LYRICS of each song that deserve a special mention.

As you can see, I’m on such a high after watching the movie that I can’t stop talkin about it. ( This may also have something to do with the fact that I'm so jobless :P )
So I’ll finally shut up now and ask you to GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE if you haven't!! (And do NOT kill me if YOU don’t like it)


RaSh said...

Wow sounds good!
I'm in love with the song "Kabhi kabhi Aditi". Not that I listen to many songs to compare it, but it has something that just make me like it :)

Gunner Galactico said...

Chick Flick.
Next.( :| )

Nikita said...

shut the fuck up zonneee!!!

:| :|

Its NOT a chick flick!!!!


*poisons zonniee*

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie! It totally made my day. Two amazing people who are best buds love each other and it can't get any sweeter =D

And babe! Keep up the good work ;)

chepoo said...

eeeeee chaach...looks like i HAVE to watch this one :)
btw the gujju with the bling gets a ---> :|

and pappu cant dance is the perfect song for our corridor chamiyaa dances :D :D

JD said...

Now that you've glorified it SO much, I'm compelled to watch it :(

Wonderful post though. Totally succeeded in conveying the feel across :)

Abhi said...
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Anonymous said...

i second galactico

Gunner Galactico said...

chick flick
next. can poison me,but you can never vanquish my...ah,screw it

Nikita said...

* looks at poison bottle *

* finds out its fake *

* takes knife *

* stabs zonneee*

* pushes him of cliff *

The Witch King of Rohtak said...

well said was a great movie!!

My only concern is that i have unintentionally stripped PVR Vikaspuri of all the girls by being there almost everyday...I wonder which PVR to strike next.. 0.O

Gunner Galactico said...

witchie proved my point...(so sorry,couldnt resist)

The Witch King of Rohtak said...

how does absence of girls in PVR prove that it is a chick flick

Pao said...

i love the song 'kahin to'. the lyrics n the music..everything is awesome.
i m surely gonna watch the movie asap.

Anonymous said...

you are busy discussing chic flix and there is heavy intellectual discussion going on on your 'SHaken' post..... :P

anuj said...

tell me something...did you watch the film in slow-mo?
damn detailed post...but mighty naice!!
oh and it is a chick flick!

•sowmya• said...

hmmm gotta watch this movie then :)
Loved the music totaly...

nice work chaach..!

Gunner Galactico said...

Sheesh.Anyone else care to explain??

Nikita said...

@ Jayant - Duuude vikaspuri sucks when it comes to chicks! Go to PVR Priya :P

@ Sagar- Didn't i tell u to shut the fuck up!!

@Chepoo - Cant wait to chicken dance with u on Pappu and annoy the crap out of our hostel assistant :D

@abhinav- Chup Karr!!

@Anuj- I didn't watch the movie in slow motion, i watched it Alone. Hence, the concentration on details :-)
( Plus i have a great memory when it comes to Movies *sigh* i wish it was the same for Text-Books :| )

Nishant said...

See, I told you what a wonderful movie it was.Dont tell me I didnt tell you.Cuz I told you.
And yay.!You've got the link to my blog in the list of the blogs.Even though I never write anything in it.Yay.! :P
Did I tell you that I told you that the movie was the rocking?
PS-Rehman and Genelia are also the rocking.And I dont mean together together rocking.Alag alag.As separate entities.
I just realized entities can be written as en tities.
Hyuk hyuk.

Gunner Galactico said...

He started it :|
Oh,thats right,he didnt ....

puhoop said...

oye!!brilliant post! does great justice to an awesmly cute and funny movie..i just loved the concept of 2 betst friendz falling in love..the reason is obvious ;).U write damn well :).We still have to discuss the movie :(.. waiting for the rare moment when i just dont feel sleepy and really wanna talk to u :)

puhoop said...

oh just realized its not rare that i want to talk to u ;)..just dat im not feeling sleepy..great fun talking den

Abhijeet said...

Chick flick
Maaaaajor chick flick
But i loued it
BTW, this post of urs is the first post by anyone which is this long and didn't manage to bore me along the way.

@PD Chamiyaa dance??? The good kind or...well...the other kind? Either ways, you GOTTA show us (us being us guys)

Anonymous said...

see what watching a movie alone did to you...???
you are analyzing a chic flick...
*throws his hands up in dispair*
you should have called us along...then mbbe this post would have been ahorter...*thinks for a moment* and fun :P

Gunner Galactico said...

Wait..people agree with me.
That means

Wait,am i .....RIGHT??*gasp*

bitethebullet said...

please check my comment under your post 'shaken' and reply.